Nicaragun - San Ramon - Washed - Espresso

Nicaragun - San Ramon - Washed - Espresso

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This is the third coffee Machina have bought from Nicaragua in the last year. The last two have come from the same supplier, who specialises in sourcing exceptional coffees from this origin - a product of having a base at origin and working very closely with some amazing coffee farmers.

The first was Finca Las Escondida, which was an exceptional filter with great complexity, while San Ramon was bought just as an espresso due to it's lower acidity and rich balanced profile.

Nicaragua has a rich micro growing network, with a large number of farms with an average size of 2.75 hectares. This results in there being a high level of traceability, giving buyers like us, access to detailed information around farming approaches, growing conditions, processing and the farmers and workers themselves.

Why this coffee?

Machina Coffee have started to really appreciate well structured, balanced coffees that have been grown & processed by farmers with real skill and knowledge.  San Ramon is one of those coffees that offers just that. It's not a really unusual coffee, but not in a boring or one dimensional way. Instead, it's one of those coffees that you could happily drink all day and really appreciate the richness, quality and depth of flavour it offers.


San Ramon has some lovely layers of flavour that are relatively easy to taste and identify. It has a brown sugar sweetness to it, supported by a tinge of ginger and blackcurrant (think Ribena) with a rich and silky mouthfeel. We bought it to be served as a milk espresso, but it would stand up well served back or white.

Complex? No. Tasty? Very. Easy to work with? Yes, on all types of machines.


Flavour notes:

Brown Sugar, Ginger, Blackcurrant and a descriptor of Rich.